When a company’s management experiences a situation in which the frequency of change in the information it needs to guide the organization is higher than the normal life cycle of a traditional IT project, it faces an “information gap”. This gap emerges through the proliferation of complex spreadsheets and individual computer databases with risks ranging from integrity, stability and ability to access information to the complete loss of the data and its proper calculation process.

The Filler solution is based on:

  • a structured methodological approach based on the integration of functional and IT skills; 
  • the focus on the information gap that has been created;
  • a deep adherence to the needs of access to information by the management;
  • the use of a platform with libraries of basic functions from which to start;

The Filler solution is specialized in providing answers to information gaps to which the most common Business Intelligence tools do not respond. Very often, Filler feeds itself with the data produced and/or made available by these applications with which it fully integrates.